Rich Aguilar

My name is Rich Aguilar and I am a graphic visual artist who resides in the Reno Tahoe Basin.
I was born and raised in Northern California in the fast moving Bay Area. And for as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for the arts. I was born in the 80′s and I loved every minute of it, the loud music and vibrant colors. When I was a young boy my grandmother took me to the theater at least once a month. I remember falling in love with the music, colors, and the theatricality of it all. I loved to draw and at times remember not being able to stop. My favorite movies growing up were (and not in this particular order) Tron, Goonies, Star Trek, The Secret of Nimh, and The last Star Fighter. The movie posters mesmerized me and later became my inspiration.
Over the past few years I have developed my craft as a graphic artist, serving clients big and small in a variety of work. From print design to web building and motion. I have gained valuable experience in being able to perform for either corporate or private clients no matter the scale of work.

I have always had a passion to succeed and to inspire.