Mr. Chintan Pandya

manufacturer in Thane, India

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Steel-Smith manufactures as well as exports wide range of Toggle Clamps, Pneumatic Toggle Clamps, and Clamping Devices, Hydraulic Swing Clamps and Jigs and Fixtures elements considering different shapes, sizes and their holding capacity as per the required applications. Steel Smith produces various kinds of toggle clamps like Vertical Hold down action, Horizontal Hold down Action, Straight Line Action, CAM Action Clamps, Squeeze Action Clamps, and Latches etc. We also produce and provide a wide range of Pull Action Clamps with various holding capacity to our consumers. These Clamps are utilized in Sealing Chambers, Doors, Mould Closures or other applications which requires closure mechanisms. Our products are well known and famous for its features like durability and muscular construction. Our product range is designed as per compliance with different demands and needs of our consumers. Our ranges of clamps are sold at economical prices in the market to our respected clients who have made us the market leaders for Pull Action Clamps Manufacturers in India.

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