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Everest stabilizer pvt ltd exclusively offers double booster, triple booster and automatic voltage stabilizers for longevity of your air conditioner (AC) and refrigerator (fridge). Now buy water heater, inverter, fan, induction stove directly from the manufacturer. Even easier and inexpensive.

While your refrigerator helps keep the summer at bay and helps keep you in good health with a variety of food, the TV is your window to the world. Everest television and refrigerator stabilisers let your appliances work without the risk of hampering any of their components during overload or low voltage. The stabilisers helps secure plugged in appliances from burnouts. They promptly disconnect all the appliances attached, in case of an internal component failure. Features Space-saving compact design high and low voltage management Optimum quality performance by the utilization of sophisticated solid state circuitry technology User-friendly display Power saving technology Noise-free.

Air conditioners are no longer a luxury but a necessity. A voltage fluctuation in the main electric line can damage to your AC compressor. The Everest voltage stabilizers for home use designed especially for ACs can prevent irreversible damage caused due to voltage fluctuation and ensures the longevity of your device. http://www.evereststabilizer.com/products/stabilizer

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