Stacey Herrera

Relationship Coach and Writer in Los Angeles, California

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My name is Stacey Herrera and I am the creator of The Sensuality Project. My #1 mission in life is to master the art of “relationship-ing,” because believe that connection is magical and INTIMACY is the holy grail.

We have arrived at a point in human evolution where your survival is becoming more and more dependent on our ability to cultivate and maintain our interpersonal relationships. Becoming well-versed in the language of your own body is essential to living your best life. And the content of your character is defined by your Emotional IQ.

You are being invited to embrace your wholeness. To Reconnect and source from your own well. To Reclaim your pleasure. To Reignite your sexual spark. And to REMEMBER that you are more than enough and powerful beyond measure.

The patriarchy is dissolving. Intimacy is the NEW FRONTIER. And Relationships are essential to the survival of our species.

This is uncharted territory... Welcome to LOVE ❤️

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