Stacey R. Louiso

United States

There is no denying I am a writer and performing artist, by Creative design. I'm the odd one of my family for certain...but I truly wouldn't (and couldn't) have it any other way.

I have been in front of an audience/camera in some way, shape or form, for over 30 years. Actor, singer, dancer...I enjoy a live audience just as I feel completely comfortable in front of a rolling camera. It's just me in that space and moment. Living. I currently serve in several choirs and lead an arts ministry group at my home church.

Writing, for me, is organic; intuitive. I have penned hundreds of pieces of poetry, founded an online publication and co-authored the inspirational book: Walking Through Fiery Trials: A Year of Loss, Learning and Faith, on which I was also Developmental Editor. It was an honor to have been appointed to take part in such important work.

I am currently penning my testimony which details my life pre walking with our Lord, Christ Jesus and how His saving grace rocked my world! I can also be found blogging like a fool in LOVE with God at

Many Blessings! :D

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