Stacey Thompson

Logan, Utah

I am a senior in the professional and technical writing program at Utah State University. I am planning to study abroad in Freiburg, Germany to get my C2 level certification for language proficiency in German. I have taken PE classes on country swing dancing, and swimming. In the fall I plan to take a beginning gymnastics class and a jog/walk class because I find it more interesting to exercise as part of a class. I really enjoy listening to books on CD in my car, I also enjoy listening to books in German on Audible, watching tutorials on and I recently started my blog to replace a blog I had that no longer fit my persona. I use that phrase a lot whether the moment is mundane or truly exciting, whether I am exhausted or bursting with energy I am excited to be alive.

My favorite health practitioners are holistic from Kory Branham DC (applied kinesiologist) & Craig Blamires DC, FNP, ENT, PT to Kristen Bowen and Carolyn Dean ND MD. My favorite thing to do is read books by doctors, bacause I like to pick their brains without the side effects. My favorite classic novel is Jane Eyre, my favorite movie saga of all time is Star Wars. My favorite author is John Grisham, my favorite TV series of all time is Numb3rs. My favorite scripture is Matthew 6:22 (The light of the body is in the eye...) My favorite female vocal artist is Celine Dion, My favorite male vocal artist is Bryan Adams. My favorite actor when I was 16 was Kevin Costner. I still like the guy and felt a sense of joy when he was a hero during the gulf oil spill in 2010 "Deep Water Horizon"

  • Education
    • English, professional and technical writing
    • German