Stacey Turiello

Patient Advocate, Writer, and Ambassador in Chicago, Illinois

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I am a disabled patient advocate, writer, and Ambassador for the Chronic Disease Coalition currently living in Chicago, Illinois.

My interests lie in reforming the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain Patients and subsequent federal and state policies that severely restrict and/or deny access to adequate and effective prescription (opioid) pain relief medication and care to millions of chronic painful illness patients, such as cancer, pancreatitis, CRPS, and palliative care patients, profoundly diminishing their ability to function and their quality of life.

I advocate and collaborate with several local and national patient advocates, non-profit organizations, and patient support organizations to also reduce the shockingly high number of pain patient suicides and eradicate the stigma surrounding pain. Prescription pain relief medication is a medical necessity for millions of high impact chronic pain patients to reach treatment goals set together with their physicians to restore their abilities to work, care for family, worship with community, perform activities of daily living and self hygiene, and attain quality of life.

As a disabled patient and advocate, I am in a unique position to assist in the goal to remove policy-based barriers to patient access to prescription pain relief medication and patient-centered, effective pain management and care necessary to restore function and provide relief so that we may all be active participants in our families and communities again soon.

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