Stacey Clarke

New York, NY

My vision is for all women to know they are beautifully made! My company, Stacey's Styling, is an online subscription-based personal styling company. We help young women find clothing based on a professional personality profile, sending 5/mo. pieces to their doorstep from which they can choose! We want to encourage them to celebrate who they are rather than telling them who they ought to be.

See, we believe that every person was created just-so, and for good reason. When we let our choices, even simple stuff like our sense of style, be determined by our culture, the world misses out on the great creation that we are! Who knows what kind of world changers are hiding by trying to blend in? So rather than telling women how they should look, we invite them to explore the possibilities of how they COULD carry themselves. Today it's clothing, and tomorrow it's destiny.

NOTE: Our styling services go live on January 4, 2016. Meanwhile, you can buy an E-GIFT CARD and treat a special lady to some personal styling!

  • Work
    • Cru
  • Education
    • BA in Psychology
    • Duke University