Stacey Boehm


I am a single mother of one child who is 21 and on his own. I work full time in the Dental Field as a Dental Assistant in the Kansas City area. I have been in the field for 26 years now. I was born in the great state of Nebraska GO HUSKERS!!!!

I grew up in Topeka Kansas where I raised my son on my own. I moved to the kansas City area in 2000 and love it here many things to do and great people.

I started my small home business as a part time job to help with expenses and every day living. I have really enjoyed and the extra money is nice.

I have to taco bell dogs Katie and Kandie they are very spoiled but who doesnt spoil there pets! My favorite color is RED I love mexican food, music is another passion of mine, movies, wine tasting, spending time with family and friends.