Stacey Brooks

Policy in Washington, DC

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Stacey Brooks has spent most of her career working on various legislative issues on the Hill, the non-profit world, and within the Government through her current role at NASA. With the car loaded up for the next adventure, Brooks collected her diploma from William Jewell College, ate dinner with her family, and hopped in the car for a road trip to Washington, DC. A few days later, she began an internship at the Republican National Committee for a couple hundred dollars a week, with hopes that just being in DC would produce connections. Within a month, she began working full time for Senator Kit Bond of Missouri as a Public Relations Specialist. Brooks spent the next four years learning the ropes on the Hill. In addition to Sen. Bond, she worked for Rep. Bob Schaffer of Colorado, and Rep. Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri, handling a wide range of issues including NASA, Education, health care and social security. She also served as Emerson's Communications Director. While working on a Masters Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University, Stacey enjoyed the opportunity to support the Ability One program, facilitating job opportunities for people with disabilities. She gave up this rewarding job only when presented the opportunity she hoped for since childhood...going to space. Ok, not really, but working at NASA has been an amazing experience. Stacey has had the opportunity to support astronauts as they visit their Members of Congress, write Congressional testimony and budget materials, and now uses her 15 years of Congressional Relations experience and 5 years of Federal Budgeting experience to advise the Space Technology Mission Directorate. She is proudly raising two daughters with her brilliant and charming husband Larry.