Stacey Filice

San Diego, California, United States

Stacey has been practicing yoga since 2005. She initially began practicing as a means to explore another workout opportunity. She had lost a good deal of weight and finally felt that she was able to explore different types of physical activity. While she loved the physical aspect of yoga she immediately recognized the mental benefits and knew yoga was something she needed in her life. She was building her corporate career and never felt able to shut her mind off, but once she was in a yoga class she realized that her mind quieted due to the intensity of the physical asana practice. Overtime, she came to understand that yoga is a mirror reflecting life off the mat - if the mind is unfocused, if the breath is uneven and the body can't find stability, there is an imbalance in one's life and something needs to change. In 2013, after realizing her life was completely out of balance, she left her stressful corporate career to refocus her life and share yoga with others through teaching. She is passionate about helping individuals understand that yoga truly is for everybody! Stacey's classes are intended to meet all levels of physical ability. She offers a challenging yet nurturing flow that focuses on alignment, use of the breath and connecting the mind and body. You will leave her class feeling that you not only gained strength, but also a sense of calm.
Stacey completed her 200-hr Teacher Training with Gerhard Gessner at Prana Yoga Center. She also completed the Restorative Healing & Yin Yoga Training Level I & Level II with Debora Wayne.

  • Education
    • Bachelor in Psychology
    • 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher
    • -Vinyasa Flow
    • -Restorative & Yin Yoga
    • -Hatha