Stacey Nicole Keenan

PhD candidate and biomedical researcher in Melbourne, Australia

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PhD candidate at Monash University

Biomedicine Discovery Institute

Biology of Lipid Metabolism Laboratory


In 2013, Stacey joined the laboratory and began a Master of Biomedical Science on a NHMRC funded research project. After 12 months of research, Stacey upgraded her postgraduate degree to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Her PhD comprises a series of studies involved in a complex mix of physiology, cell biology and molecular biology that explore an important lipid droplet protein, perilipin 5 (PLIN5).

Over the last three years, Stacey has attended and presented at two Australian Diabetes Society Annual Scientific meetings and Victorian Obesity Consortium Symposiums (see below). In January 2015, Stacey was awarded a three year MBio Postgraduate Discovery Scholarship and completed her Confirmation of Candidature in September. Stacey is currently preparing for her mid-candidature review in December 2016 and is looking forward to presenting at the next Australian Diabetes Society Annual Scientific meeting at the Gold Coast. Additionally, Stacey is a teaching associate for several biomedical science units and is an active Physiology Honours Student Mentor.

Stacey has made major inroads into understanding how the PLIN5 impacts lipid metabolism in the liver, and how this in turn affects insulin sensitivity. These questions bear importance for understanding the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes.





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