Stacey Li

I have about 10 years experience in multimedia and 3d animation. I love 3D art. CG is used everywhere in today's movie industry. One day I want to run a company that creates amazing realistic animations for movie houses and create scenes like they did in "Avatar".

I also run a few erotic art websites with a few of my friends. We'd like to find models that would allow us to use their videos to create a video special effects piece with computer graphics. Our goal is to create some insanely sexy and incredible 3D special effects clips of damsels in distress that will make everyone will say, "WOW!"

We aim for "different". If you're a model out there that wants some interesting, eye catching photos, we can do wonders with YOUR photos and photo manipulations!

Have you ever wanted to see yourself next to a monstrous snake that's about to swallow you whole?

Have you ever wanted to see yourself with extra limbs like a sexy spider woman?

Have you ever wanted some kind of CG added on to your photos or videos?

We specialize in ALL that! Just message us if you'd like to see a sample done with with YOUR photos!

We create the crazy, sexy, edgy, unique art like no other!

Google "voreville"