Stacy Millichamp

Stacey Millichamp, an accredited psychotherapist based in London, has years of experience counseling adults, teenagers, and children and creating school curricula that enhances personal development. Since 1995, Stacey Millichamp has provided psychotherapy and counseling to individuals and couples from her North London office. In her private practice, Stacey Millichamp uses an integrative approach that seeks to bring together the affective, cognitive, behavioral, and physiological systems within a person to engender a more cohesive personality. Stacey Millichamp also takes a transpersonal perspective to assist in guiding her clients in their quest for greater human capacity and personal growth. During her career, Stacey Millichamp has worked on the staff of several professional organizations, including Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community, holistic education center, and eco village, where she spent several years designing educational curriculum for 170 staff members and students. Stacey Millichamp also served as Co-founder and Director of the charity Children: Our Ultimate Investment (COUI), and she proved to be especially instrumental in initiating and overseeing the successful implementation of counselling provision for the Teens & Toddlers and School Counselling program. Currently, Stacey Millichamp trains and supervises Master’s in Psychotherapy students and professionals at her newest position. Clients who benefit from Stacey Millichamp’s clinical training and support workshops include counsellors and psychotherapists, human resource personnel, social welfare workers, drug addiction counsellors, and medical professionals. Stacey Millichamp earned her Master’s degree in Psychotherapy, during which time she studied general psychotherapy methods, including process oriented psychology, or process-work, which is based on Jung’s concept of individuation. After completing additional post-graduate work, Stacey Millichamp received her diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Stacey Millichamp has gone on to earn additional diplomas in Couple Therapy and Clinical Supervision.