Stacey Sargison-Shawe

Stacey Sargison-Shawe

International Speaker (Incl. TEDx) & Lifestyle Coach- I left my corporate job to live a freedom lifestyle. I'm now helping others live life on their terms & also an Anti-Bullying campaigner.

Inspiring Possibilities & Igniting Confidence around the world.

Stacey has studied in New York, worked with many large brands and companies such as Pepsi, Apple, Aston Martin, BAFTA and Saatchi & Saatchi. She has led expeditions in rural Africa, where her and her groups helped to build schools, dug water wells and helped with community projects. She has also worked outwardly glamorous jobs at Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures yet found herself unfulfilled. She decided to leave her successful career to pursue her passion of helping others tap into their potential and create successful online businesses. Since then she has appeared on stage at TEDx, appeared on the BBC, featured in The Times and currently in talks with TV casting agents.

Stacey guides, encourages and coaches others around the world to realise that they can use their previous obstacles & life skills to empower them to create a life on their terms. She's helped many people set up their own successful businesses, change careers, improve confidence and inspired them to take action.

October 2015 saw the beginning of Stacey’s speaking endeavours where she was invited to be the first ever International Guest Speaker at TEDx Bedford High School (in Massachusetts). She spoke about her bullying experiences as a child and as an adult, and how the power of self-belief is an individual’s responsibility, which can only be truly enforced from within (regardless of outside influence).

  • Education
    • Leeds University (England, UK)
    • Marist College (New York, USA)