Stacey-Lee Scott

Northern Saskatchewan

Becoming a teacher was never instinctual for me. Instead its become a part of my journey of bettering myself and the world. Growing up my mother always reminded me when I grumbled about a task that each action, good or bad, adds to the collective of not only who we are, but also the world we help create around us.

While "scaffolding" and "prior knowledge" are fluently used in education, this concept is cornerstone for all aspects of my life. My students inquire why I continue to cultivate my skills in cosmetology, sales, and journalim while I teach. But all passions prime me for the next.

A secondary teacher in Northern Saskatchewan, I am always looking to facilitate and collaborate with both my colleagues and students while adding to my prior knowledge. Though I'm an English and Art Teacher, I get to teach a bit of everything in our rotating POD classrooms.

Though I live in an small Aboriginal community, I've learned that all kids are the same- and they love their technology. In our flipped, student-centered environment, I'm seeing the difference 21st century teaching can make when adapting old-school curriculum to very new-aged students.

My students' interest in my heritage, and as well as mine with theirs, has reaffirmed the importance of continual cultural exploration to meaningfully engage kids- which the digital classroom has allowed for in our isolated community. I'm more than open to online meetups, collaboration and events for my students to take part in.

My aim: continue to build my repetoire of teaching ideas, and help contribute to my wildly innovative school initiatives for change and engagement of students.

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