Staci Lys Dunn Silva

Pilates Instructor and Fitness Instructor in White Rock, BC, Canada

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I am passionate about health, wellness, Pilates, and the study of movement and posture. I'm a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor - NCPT and an Integrated Movement Specialist - Balanced Body. I am also certified through Canfitpro as a Fitness Instructor Specialist.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, but have traveled and lived all over the globe. I lived in Brazil for 17 years, where I was certified in fitness & nutrition and worked with artists and dancers, both performing and leading physical conditioning classes.

My other specialty certifications include Pilates for Athletes (Balanced Body), Barre with Pilates Focus (Barre Above), TRX and Active Aging Certificate from Canfitpro.

I put my all into my classes, and believe in striving for excellence in whatever I do.

  • Education
    • Pilates Comprehensive Certification - NPCP
    • Integrated Movement Specialist - Balanced Body
    • Barre Above - With Pilates Focus
    • TRX Suspension
    • Fitness Instructor Specialist - Canfitpro