Stacey Cawthorn

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Hello my name is Stacey Cawthorn, I live in East Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. I am 18 years old and I read like there's no tomorrow. I have a passion for writing and have a blog in which I share my musings (it was supposed to be secret but truthfully, it's easy to find) I wrote a series of books at the age of 14 and published them myself but removed them from the internet at 16 having realising my writing has progressed.. Although my passion is writing I feel that I would be more successful as a Counsellor.

I currently help people online on a website called 7 cups of tea. My link is here:

I'm not sure what else to write here at this moment in time, but when I think of something else I will be sure to continue.

Thanks for reading!

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