Stacy Surla

I fight for the user.

Elected to two terms on the Board of the Information Architecture Institute, co-founded the DCIA local group in Washington, DC, edited the IA Column in the ASIS&T Bulletin, served as program chair of the IA Summit, was co-founder of the Rosebud film and video festival, and organized a neighborhood circus.

I work for ICF Ironworks.

eBenefits (VA/DoD) I am UX team lead and senior IA | 2009-present
The Nature Conservancy I was lead IA | 2008
School Nutrition Association I was lead IA | 2008
Greenbuild 365 I was lead IA | 2007
MITRE Intranet I was IA | 2004-07

Mapping Information Platform (FEMA) I was UX lead and IA | 2004
Office of National Drug Control Policy I was product manager and IA | 2001-04
Anti-Drug Media Campaign I was product manager and IA | 2001-04
American Society for Information Science I led the IA redesign | 2003

WHO and HIV/AIDS I was IA | 2003