Stacy-Ann Gaynor

West Palm Beach, FL

I spent eight years of my life devoting my time to athletics. I played soccer and basketball, ran track, and practiced martial arts. After graduating high school, I realized that I no longer had the time to play sports, so I had to find an alternative to satisfy my thirst for physical activity.

Upon my graduation from community college I was faced with the decision as to what career path would be right for me. Therefore, after a little soul searching it became clear that athletics and fitness is the path for me.

Throughout college I began to take fitness more seriously than before because of all the knowledge that I was obtaining. Therefore, I began experimenting with different exercise programs and nutritional plans. Fitness took over my life. It became a lifestyle and my new found passion.

During my final year of college my love for athletics began to resurface, but not as an athlete more as a sports performance specialist. Therefore, I decided to participate in multiple sports performance specialist internships in order to gain hands experience as well as knowledge so that I can make my mark in the sports performance industry.

Today with experience as a personal trainer and sports performance specialist I have decided to merge my passion for fitness with my passion for athletics. I along with a close friend have started our own fitness and sports performance business known as Gains Warrior Fitness (GWF). Our ultimate goal is to change lives by changing lifestyles.

  • Work
    • Gains Warrior Fitness
  • Education
    • Barry University
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Palm Beach State College