Stacy-ann Jarrett


My life has taken me to very interesting places and spaces, and yes, I have regrets. My passion for seeing that everyone feels beautiful and loved has been the motivation behind all my endeavours, as I strongly believe that for humanity to live in harmony, we all have to feel love and know that we deserve love. Love empowers, corrects, drives, re-energises and strenghtens. I have had a difficult past which I am sure is not unique to only me, as it is our difficulties that help build character and give us the tools necessary to love and guide others. I am grateful for my challenges and will always seek ways of using my own experiences to help others, as well as continuously seeking lessons in the experiences of the people I interact with.

I am currently trying to re-invent myself along the lines described above. Whilst I love working with HIV and Marginalised communities, I have learnt alot about 'helping' people that puts my own beliefs at odds with current and traditional maintstream efforts and approaches to empowerment.

Change is constant, and in my humble opinion, managing same is critical for surviving. I am never ashamed, it is what it is, until it becomes something else.

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