Stacy Patrice

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Stacy Patrice is the consumate artists artist. Born under the highly perceptive and intuitive sign of Pisces, Stacy Patrice is a lifelong artist, practicing visual and performing art since the age of 5. Stacy has been a photo samurai for the past 8 years creating imaginative and artistic photographics for large businesses and artists on location. Stacy's decade of experience as a fashion model inspired her to bring her explorative nature and editorial detail behind the lens to direct and produce cultural campaigns, product artwork, movement based mini-stories and original commissions for canvas in the spirit of digital storytelling.

Combining her artistic expertise with her more recent love of yoga allows Stacy to fully express her passion for people and empower communities through visual activism and development of a solid connection between mind and body. Stacy best likes to create works that pay homage by honoring her larger dreams inspired her ancestors to be part of the solution to produce wellness everywhere she is, with a special interest in the Chicago community. She spends a great deal of her time producing public formats that connect yoga, art and culture and stimulate audiences to challenge their perspective by experiencing it firsthand.