Stacy Su

Stacy Su

As a resident of American Canyon for over ten years I have been actively involved in the community. I believe in doing my civic duties to help improve the quality of life for everyone in American Canyon.

American Canyon Service

Held two Job Fairs for the City of American Canyon with over 700 hundred residents in attendance.

Children's Chair on the 4th of July Committee for 2007 & 2008 which had the highest number of attendance ever.

Past Coach & Referee for American Canyon AYSO which has over 400 kids playing soccer.

As PTA President I was able to bring parents together to get involved in their children's education and coordinated events that raised over 100k for improved education.

I am a wife and mother of three, own my home and business in American Canyon. As taxpayers we face many challeges here in American Canyon that need a solution not a bandaid. This why I have decided to run for city council and am asking your support.

Thank you,

Stacy Su

Candidate for City Council