Stacy Wright- Barleston

Stacy is a catalyst and champion for African American American women. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of African American women. As a heart attack survivor in 2011 I was stunned. My heart attack was in my back.Had I had known the symptoms for women are different from men. I would had sought help quicker.After leaving the hospital seemingly a different person.I returned home and started intense reseach. I was shocked of the numbers for black women and heart disease and heart attack.To my shock..heart disease loiks like me a 43 year old African American woman. After 5 stays in the hospital and a dual defibilator placement and healing of mind, body and spirit. My doctors told me I had beat " the widow maker" heart attack.. the big one.Just as the sun set, the sun rises and I knew I had been saved for an awesome assignment. To help other women. Maya Angelou said " We are not healed until all women are healed and when the healing is over, go out and heal someone else."At this moment we are fighting for every heartbeat.Never has health promotion been so important.Today we are faced with problems that no other generation has had to deal with.So I started an organization for women to network and receive information that focuses on the unique way heart disease affects women by addressing the heart in all aspects, wellness, self care skills.We are committed to offering cultural evidence based strategies. We create solutions that empower women to put their hearts first. We help identify workable heart health solutions fir wimen whi do not one, or when the old one no liger works.We inspire, and empower. I am my sisters keeper.As you can see I am passionate about heart health of women.If you are looking for a keynote speaker or a program guest please contact me.I filmed a national video entitled take charge of your heart health through Womenheart.