Stacy Graves

Sequim, Washington

Hi there, my name's Stacy and I live on Internet Street with many of your favorite internet people. Though I may not be as well-known as some, my corgi has made a bit of an impact on tumblr, with over 1k followers. (Oooh wowwww, your dog has a thousand followers). I know, not that impressive for living on Internet Street. But I am about to make waves. Maybe.

I am just learning how to swim, first.

I've been blogging since I was about 15.

As I will be 25 in June, that's nearly ten years. And I decided this year, maybe I need to start taking this a little more seriously. Maybe I should be making money, or at least making a buzz!

So, on my journey in learning more about social media, I've stumbled across, and now I'm typing this lame-o "biography." Hope you've enjoyed it and that you click some of my links.

  • Work
    • Rare Reflections Photography
  • Education
    • Sequim High School
    • Western Washington University