The Stacy Zallie Foundation

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The Stacy Zallie Foundation was created for the well being and happiness of women who have undergone and abortion. We are here to help those at one of the most fragile points in there live. Supplying those in need with the community and encougement they need most to get through such a trying time

The Stacy Zallie Foundation is dedicated to our daughter, Stacy Zallie. At age 20 our beautiful daughter, for reasons known only to her, underwent an abortion. She never revealed her situation or her solution to her family. Shortly after the abortion she asked for psychiatric help, she ended therapy after only 3 months. Not long after her 21st birthday, she took her own life. She is missed by all who knew and loved her.

The foundation seeks to create a safe place for people like Stacy so that they and their families do not have to go through such pain alone. Informing females that there are things that can be done and that seeking out help can truly make a difference