Stadelman Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Bellevue, Washington, United States

Dr. Stadelman runs a Bellevue Chiropractic health center which fully embraces the chiropractic vision – that by removing nerve interference, the body responds and has more potential. More potential to fight off bacteria, viruses, chemical, mental and physical stresses…to feel better. His belief in the benefits of chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle is what fuels his desire to bring the best in holistic care to his patients.
That’s why since 1996, Dr. Stadelman has been building his practice in downtown Bellevue. Because he understands different patients respond to different approaches, he practices both traditional ‘hands-on’ chiropractic adjusting techniques and light force activator style techniques such as Talsky Tonal and Torque Release Technique.
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