Staecy Carpenter

Business Proprietor in San Jose, California

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Silicon Valley technology enthusiast and animal advocate. Enjoy creative business development with a passion for the Open Web. Glass half full!

More: Account Director at GlassView and Business Development Consultant running ExeConnect & Heck Yah. GlassView takes social video distribution to a higher performance level, getting brand videos viewed by target audiences. ExeConnect, my executive meeting company and baby of 15 years, offers new ways for connecting B2B buyers and sellers online. It's been a while that I’ve lived and breathed ExeConnect, it continues to evolve. Heck Yah, my latest Internet venture, focuses on Happy Hour with a hyperfocus on sharing the uniqueness of local restaurants and bars via video. I was a bartender for seven years in my 20’s and had a lot of fun working! While bartending, I caught the tech bug at my first corporate sales job, Proxim. Working for companies direct, I've sold IT for years, most recently selling enterprise IdM software. I like the business development side of sales and helping companies present what sets them apart.

ExeConnect and Heck Yah are opposite industries with the same goal – to generate more customers through value and experience.

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