Stæven Lewis Frey

Brand Identity, Brand Alignment, and Brand Strategy in Nashville, Tennessee

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I create memorable, authentic pet care brands that sell.

I help petcare brands create noticeable, attractive award-winning packaging that sells through industry-leading trademark and design research and top-notch brand strategy. I make it easy to for the customer to notice, attract, get, and buy. I make it easy for the brand to sell, and easy to grow brand equity and value.

I typically provide brand consultancy, identity, strategy, an design services for brands $5M to $33B+.
I also work wth organic + natural foods, CPG, and retail brands, with 26+ industry categories in portfolio. Some clients include Mars Petcare, Target, Walmart, Michael's, Cracker Barrel, and more.

I love great typography, intuitive productivity apps, things that are orange. I hate condiments and mean girls (not the movie). I rescue kitties, huskies, and am a potter. (Yes, like ghost).

I take myself lightly, and my job very seriously.