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StagingRents is the solution to all home staging needs in the Phoenix marketplace. Having staged thousands of homes here in the Valley, we have the expertise, experience and the furniture inventory to fulfil the requirements for your home staging project.

At StagingRents we do what our name implies. We rent the furniture, art, and accessories to make the miracle of home staging a success. Renting furniture from our vast array of inventory is at the core of our services. Artwork is one the most important aspects of any successful home staging, and for that reason, we have an “in-house” full time picture framing studio to supply an endless source of up-to-date artwork. Furniture and art, combined with selections from our great selection of accessories and any home staging project can be sourced with one stop to our facility.

Our firm partners with many professional home stagers throughout the Valley who are interior decorators in their own right. We strongly encourage you to give us a call for a referral if you need home staging services to make your home sell for the top price. Regardless of the housing market conditions, home staging is a small investment compared to the proven decrease in market time and increase in market price which a professional staging will deliver.

If you are a professional home stager in the Phoenix marketplace and have somehow missed the opportunity to visit our showroom, please call Chris Woods at 480-755-4944 and schedule an appointment for a tour of our facility. We always appreciate partnering together with stagers who want to offer their clients great service at competitive prices.


6965 S. Priest Dr. Suite 2

Tempe, AZ 85283