knight in Minnesota

Stay at my place



hey i'm cookie! i'm fourteen, i love flowers, space, and my ocs, and i live in minnesota! i'm dating homura/@p4teddie and i love her so much! i also have 4 qpps (ruruka, valentina, keith, and yuta). i'm an infp and an empath.

i have severe anxiety, paranoia, and i've noticed some signs of avpd, though all of these are undiagnosed... id like to see a doctor soon


• i'm aoi asahina IRL, please don't follow if you know doubles

• i'm also madoka kaname and sir carrot, same applies!

• i have many more ids but the only ones i care for doubles about are kuroh yatogami, terra markov, and yoosung kim


i need NSFW, GORE, and AOT tagged!!


• you kin with or dislike my gf or my qpps, i would list their ids and such but this is and, frankly, i don't have enough space. feel free to ask about it

• you go by the name cameron or shelby

• you'll be upset if i don't interact--i can't interact much because of anxiety


please put the 🍫 emoji in your bio BEFORE you request so i know you read this!