StAlbans Friends

St Albans

Sometime ago I was asked on my St Albans Nostalgia Site if I knew where there was somewhere people could meet other likeminded people just to socialise & chat. But they were worried these places would be for people hoping to meet a prospective girlfriends / boyfriend and that is NOT what they wanted.

So I thought we could start The St Albans Nostalgia Friends. So if you’re feeling a bit lonely you just come along, you don't need to be single to be lonely as I have been contacted lots of married people.

The idea is that we just mention a pub or place and a date and time & we just meet up.
Just some basic rules, so that people feel comfortable, with coming along

1, This is NOT a venue to meet girlfriends / boyfriends so please respect that.
2, Nothing is off the agenda to chat about, but please no offensive chat or overtly sexual chat.
3. No asking for people’s details, any messages can go on the St Albans Nostalgia Facebook site.
4. All ages welcome, if you are not used to going into a pub on your own, one of us can meet you at the door.