Kiki Stamatiou

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kiki Stamatiou

Kalamazoo, Michigan

I'm a writer, blogger, published author, and caregiver for my elderly grandmother. My education consists of a B. A. in creative writing from Western Michigan Univerity. From April 2006 to the end of 2011, a few of my works were published in paperback format and in ebook kindle format. They include Dominica's Inferno (novel), Japlin And Japlin (novella), Peering Through A Streaked Window (a collective work of poetry) and a few others. All of my published works are available thru Amazon.

Throughout the years, I have competed in various literary competitions of which I won a few honors and awards in the area of poetry.

Creative writing has been my passion since I was in the first grade.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy reading good literature. In particular, I favor the classics, although I do enjoy a few current authors from time to time.

William Shakespeare is my most favorite writer of all time. MacBeth is my most favorite Shakespearean play of all time.

My favorite book of all time is Homer's The Odyssey.

As for the area of music, I've always been partial to Cher and Madonna, although I love all kinds of music genres and music artists.

Vincent VanGogh and El Greco are equally my favorite painters and artists of all time. I find these two men to be opposite sides of the coin. Whereas Vincent VanGogh painted from the perspective of pain, El Greco's works were about joy and were uplifting.

I enjoy spending time with my family.

In addition to reading, cooking for my family is another hobby of mine.

On rainy days, I enjoy watching movies with my aunt and grandmother, as a form of spending quality of time together.

I often enjoy having deep philosophical conversations with my uncle.

Aside from reading fiction and philosophy, I like reading some historical books from time to time.