Buffalo Wild Wings

208 Summer Street

Stamford, CT 06901 United States 203-324-9453 info@buffalowildwings.com


Serving America’s best wings since 1982,Buffalo Wild Wings isa chain of restaurants and sports bars owned by two buddies, Jim Disbrow andScott Lowery. The pair opened the first Buffalo Wild Wings in Columbus, Ohio torespond to a dearth of mouthwatering wings in the area. There is now a B-Dubs (asit has been warmly nicknamed by spirited customers) in almost every state. Eachlocation prides itself on welcoming families, friends, and locals to enjoy incrediblefood, beer, and year-round competitive sports on over 30 flat-screentelevisions.While the restaurant is famous for much more than the world’sbest wings, customers rave about Buffalo Wild Wings’ 16 signature sauces from“mild to wild,” as well as five mouthwatering seasonings when it’s time toswitch things up. The magic of B-Dubs comes from the fans—not just ofaward-winning wings and fresh beer served cold in the bar’s own nucleatedglasses—but of the sports and teams they gather to support. Whether itsfootball, baseball, basketball, hockey, or competitive table tennis, if it fitson a screen and pairs well with beer and hot all-American food, you can catchit at Buffalo Wild Wings.Maintaining an atmosphere that is not just energetic and funbut also easygoing, the restaurant evokes the spirit of America’s best fans. Anincredible sports bar doesn’t have to mean sticky tables and stiff stools; atBuffalo Wild Wings it means the freshest beer served at the perfecttemperature, a family-friendly environment, and fast friendly service (completewith high-fives)!Visit the sports bar and restaurant online to find yourlocal Buffalo Wild Wings.