Stamped Books:

New Haven, CT Whitehall, PA

Stamped Books is a small press that started out of a class titled Tiny Press Practices: Literary Citizenship, taught by Jen Hofer at California Institute of the Arts, Spring Semester, 2011. The founder is Gina Caciolo. It is currently located between New Haven, CT and Whitehall, PA.

The press's principle is simple: create handmade chapbooks that utilize stamps and other techniques to create a personal touch for every piece published. The only requirement of the text is that it be accessible, creative content so that all types of readers can enjoy it.

This principle was made to reflect the Grateful Dead's live shows. Every show, over their 30 year history, was different. Every book is hand stamped with a rubber stamp and created in a unique way, giving the person an individual read and experience with the book. No two books are ever the same design. Stamped Books pieces are like distant cousins. If you put our pieces in a room together, they'd know they were all related, but they wouldn't know eachother very well.

The blog's principle is also simple: showcase how books are made so that people can educate themselves about the process of handmade books, while showcasing new books for pick-up.