Liliana Stan

Bucharest, Romania

"Liliana grew up in a small town, near Targoviste - a city full of history, but had big dreams so she moved out to college, where she fell in love with robotics. As a big dreamer, she sees herself working on projects from home, being surounded by family and friends. Her New Year's resolution is about having a personal blog with tutorials about 2D and 3D drafting, modeling and animation.

Innovation needs passion, passion needs challenge, and challenge is her motivation. And she loves cats. And nutella."

I want to gain more experience at: | AutoCad 2D & 3D | 3Ds Studio Max | Inventor | Catia | Maya | Acustic guitar | Game development and animating | and the list is wating to be continued..

Skills: | I can juggle and I can make pancakes. | I know how to play soccer and how to play chess. | I have a personal record for running for 4 consecutive hours and for standing still for 12 minutes. |

Interests: | Robots | Space exploration | Gadgets | Music | Travel | Poetry | Puzzles |

Foreign quotes that I appreciate:

French: «Plutôt que de répéter sans cesse à l’enfant que le feu brûle, consentons à le laisser un peu se brûler : l’expérience instruit plus sûrement que le conseil.»

It means: “Instead of incessantly repeating to the child that fire burns, let’s agree to let him get burnt a little. Experience teaches better than advice.”

German: «Alles ist seinen Preis wert»

It means: Everything is worth its price.

  • Education
    • Polytechnic University of Bucharest