Standard Industries

Butler, MD, US

Standard Industries, of Butler, MD, is a leader in the lighting industry. The company’s sales representatives are trained to be familiar with all varieties of lighting fixtures and bulbs, ensuring that whether a customer needs a large order or a hard-to-find bulb for a particular fixture, their needs can be met smoothly and efficiently. By choosing Standard Industries for a lighting project, whether for a large facility project or a simple light bulb replacement, customers can be sure they will have the parts they need in the time frame they need them. All of the company's products are also covered by a service guarantee, providing assistance with the replacement of old fixtures.

Standard Industries also offers several different products for those interested in buying lights, including emergency lighting, ballasts, tubes, and a range of replacement bulb types. All of these can be shipped from Butler, MD, and if a part isn't available, Standard Industries will find the part elsewhere and ship it.