Stan Darger, Jr.

I value family, hard work. faith & hot rods, and love to work with folks who share 2, 3 or 4 of those.

My corporate executive and consulting career is rewarding and I have enjoyed some success.Tried retirement, but it didn't take. I'm back at it and love helping companies return to health or bringing a new ideas to life.

Recently I've been approached by executive- level persons to help them plan their second career or re-position themselves. Feedback suggests I can be a real help. It feels like giving back to see someone tackle these career challenges and earn success following disappointment.

It helps that I have experienced every situation that a person brings to me. And, that I have come out the other end enjoying life again.

Was a corporate hero (promoted 5 times in 10 years). But I've also been fired and outplaced, createing empathy with those I help. We speak executive to executive. It makes my coaching more credible and generates courage and hope in those I help.

I'm still deeply involved in business consulting, focusing on Sales and Marketing,where I've spent the last 17 years after leaving corporate life at the top of my game. Honestly, I was just tired of constantly managing up.

So I began consulting. Confirmed that I love to solve problems, help new ideas find legs, and strenghen teams and executives.

Being independent, I can recommend what I feel is best for the client. And each of them has remarked that this is most helpful.

Evidence is that every assignment I've taken has come from a referral. I have never had to advertise my services.

If I can help you or someone you know, call me. If my skills are not right, I'll try to find someone who can help.

(208) 890-9662 See Linkedin.