Honza Štandera

Pusan, South Korea

Hello my dear visitors...

Let me introduce myself. My name is Honza and currently living in South Korea, Pusan.

I used to live for few years in England. Excact cities are Canterbury, Middlesbrough and small town near to Bristol, which is called Thornbury.
Main work, which became my biggest experience for me in England was working for Camphill village trust with people with learning disabilities. I worked for camphill for year and half.

I did a some travelling in my life. Its been like that since I first moved with my familly when I was 12 years old. We moved several times and I started to like this live, so I keep going with this live style. Like a small traveller I visited couple of countries in Europe, which was mainly England and Greece. Then I went thru Poland, Germany and France. In the end I decided to go further and I finnished my journey in South Korea. Why? Because of love. =) I came visited my girlfriend to South Korea on December 16th. We met on my journies thru the world. Excactly in thornbury, we both were working for camphill like a coworkers. Thats why I came to Korea, I wanted to travel to India and China but she and another korean told me forget India and China and come to Korea. So when me and my girlfriends said goodbye to each other in Czech, where we visited my family, I started to work like a commerce editor to earn money for my journey to South Korea.

Im still planning to move on to another countries and see a lots of things, but will see. Coz I´ve never planed more then few days forward. No regrets, no missing and no big plans.
Actually one big plan I have but that will not be told... ;)

What else I could introduce about myself? I like lots of things. I dont care about any food, I like experimenting so eating is one of my hobby. Then ofcourse travelling and if someone like travelling should like also taking pictures. I like to be fit so i do some of excercising and running, any sport actually. I used to climb and camping a lot. I like chatting and hang around with my friends, which gives me oportunity to improve another languages. Well, in the end Im quite enjoying any work on the computer.

Im always happy to do any work. In this time working in Popcorn Hostel in Pusan, if you are in South Korea and you will visit Pusan, which you should do =) Lets come visit me and us also to Popcorn hostel near to Heaundae beach. Im pretty sure you will like it in here ;) (https:/

  • Work
    • Popcorn hostel, busan
  • Education
    • Graduated on Economy High School