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Why using a standing desk, Innovadesk is such a great thing for your health

For this blog post, I decided to share with you some findings that I consider extremely valuable. Just take a few minutes to read it and you will end up thinking the same, as what I am going to tell you will benefit your health and wellbeing in the best way possible. The information you will find here will allow you to choose the best path when facing a crossroad

Should you continue working sitting down or opt for a standing desk converter?

I am a 36-years-old man that has a gorgeous 6-months baby girl and a beautiful wife. As you can imagine I have to take care of both of them, which means that I run all day trying to be a reliable professional at work and trustworthy father and husband at home. And, as you may guess, it is not an easy task to find a balance between the personal and professional life.

I am also a social businessman, highly conscious and committed to my work. But, at the same time, I am worried about how my busy daily routine can affect my state of health.

Do you love sports, but don’t have too much time to practice any?

I am very much familiar with this aspect.

I love practicing sports, but due to my schedule, I never find sufficient time to practice them. Even when I am having a great week, meaning that everything is running smoothly and I manage to earn some time for myself, I can only practice sports two times a week. I actually dream about the moment when my business will become strong enough to get past the level where I need to be present all the time, so I can step away from it a little and invest some time in my wellbeing as well.

Meanwhile, I am doing everything I can to enjoy a wide range of healthy activities and foods that can help me stay in shape. I do this because it is good for my family, for my business, and for myself. I wouldn’t be able to do all the things I am doing if I was in a bad shape or with a precarious state of health.