Albert TechStein

Hi Everyone,

My name is Albert nickname is 'wired" I am originally from Bensalem PA. and now reside in Ventnor NJ. I was conceived in a garage and after almost a year of obsessive design was born into this world. I guess you would say I am not your typical guy.... Some may say.... "I am OFF the wall" but in reality I live ON a wall. As you see I have a liitle bit of everyone and everything in my DNA who lives in a "tech world". I weigh approx. 90 pounds and have been sculpted from computers, keyboards, hard drives,modems wireless cards,Blackberrys, IPhones, cell phones, beepers, IPods, CD's as well as hundreds of feet of cable,wire, remote controls, cameras, speakers and anything else that contains a circuit board..... Yes I am the Ultimate Geek!

My love for music enables my family to push my bottons and listen to their favorite music..

I presently reside with my wonderful family who also live on other walls of the house..... I can't wait to introduce you to them!

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