Stanford's Who's Who

Acclaimed networking organization Stanford Who’s Who provides professionals with a platform from which to showcase their vocational accomplishments and connect with other professionals from a breadth of fields. Stanford’s Who’s Who disseminates this information across a number of mediums, including a print directory, a magazine, and the Internet. Members of the Stanford’s Who’s Who receive plaques and certificates designating their association with the group, along with several other benefits. Upon completing a competitive evaluation process, individuals are inducted into the organization and listed in the Stanford Who’s Who Black Book. A directory of professionals, the book serves as a reference guide as well as an indicator of status and achievement. The book also comes in CD-ROM format, facilitating a more efficient perusal of its listings. In the virtual sphere, the Stanford Who’s Who website hosts a secure index of its members’ contact information and biographies. Members enjoy the advantages of fresh career opportunities, professional relationships, and business enterprises. Those who keep their profiles up to date increase their chances of connecting with other career-minded individuals interested in relevant endeavors. Individuals who belong to the Stanford Who’s Who receive a solid-wood and laser-engraved wall plaque for display in their places of work for visiting clients to view. They also receive a personalized certificate of recognition and a beveled glass desk tribute. Diamond Club members who have achieved status as Executive, Professional, or Entrepreneur of the Year earn a Stanford Who’s Who Proclamation, made out of cherry wood or beveled glass and highlighting the accomplishments that earned such an accolade. The organization also publishes The Stanford Review, an internal newsletter featuring interviews with high-performing members as well as photographs and biographical blurbs. Additionally, The Stanford Who’s Who provides website design, hosting services, and access to Café Who’s Who, a professional social network.