Stanislava Mitova

London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Stanislava (prefer being called Stani) and I currently work in Marketing but what I am really passionate about is helping people overcome anxiety and general life difficulties through meditation, tips about the power of our thoughts and food and anything else I have read and learned and keep on learning. I suffered myself from anxiety and panic attacks for quite some time. The last two years were especially bad and I started looking for a different approach to battle anxiety. Seeing the results myself I really wanted to share what I have learned and keep on learning with everyone who faces anxiety in one or another way. My aim is not to go through detailed explanations about the different types of anxiety and the symptoms as everyone who suffers from it is well aware. I want to share some practical things anyone can do and most importantly to show you how to battle anxiety by yourselves as the answer is in you. I believe that anxiety and depression are still topics one is ashamed to talk about, topics taboo. And of course this makes us all, the people who suffer, embarrassed of the way we feel and trying to hide it, which only makes it worse. This is why I want to create this space where we can all share our experience and the way we feel without being judged. Sharing with compassionate, like-minded people helps healing. And remember that we have the power to shape our reality and what we experience now doesn’t have to be our reality forever.


  • Education
    • MA Marketing, Royal Holloway University of London