danny kogane

Student in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

danny kogane

Student in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

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howdytyy im stan and i like coffee and arin!!especially arin 👀👌👌

peach cans & banana pancakes!!!!!!!❤❤

if you ever call me by my birth name (purposely) i'll literally cry,but if it was an accident please dont worry ;w;

i go by he/they pronouns

please dont follow me if youre transphobic, homophobic, racist), or if you dont like any of my friends

i like to draw and write, im also learning to bake and stuff! plants are super cool, i believe in aliens, ghosts and that someday the zombie apocalypse will come. i also really really live overwatch and other video games!! add me on battle.net my tag is genjisnyas#1642

i eat a lot and im honestly very insecure about my looks, so please please please PLEASE dont say anything bad about my looks,,,even tho i do a lot eheh

uh i guess i can list my kins here too (please tag me as them!!!!)

* = don't follow

^ = ask

# = okie dokie!!

stan marsh*

dirk strider *

flowey (undertale)#

tsuribari (watgbs)^

eli (love live)^

keith kogane *

ichimatsu matsuno^

makoto naegi#


yuno gasai#

tavros nitram#

max (life is strange)#

ruby (Steven universe)^

tanaka (liar liar)^

tweek tweak^

fukami (watgbs)*



garry (ib)^

jason dean#

jumin han#

mei-ling zhou^

wendy (don't starve)#

carl grimes#


danny avidan*


anyways please be super nice to me and all of my friends, if you aren't nice to my friends im gonna have to be an asshole and oh boy I don't wanna be an asshole.

also art requests, trades, and collabs are always open!!! feel free dm me whenever

have a nice day!!!