Richard Romanov


To born the House of Romanov's&Hohenzollern's and von Kugler.Prisoner conscience system communist and new democracy today.As 3 age's boy to start serve in Red Army rank mayor commander baon miner.Next 1955 year gives rank Marshal of Soviet Union.Short command army and soviet security.Next to throw out Soviets to Poland.Arrest and sentence penalthy death.6 times killing.To intern a long year.I this relic history, witness massive crime system and unofficial record Book Guineess -all the best marshal history world,six times to survive own execution.Successor two's the throne emperors Russia and China and many a little's.Two tittle emperor,1 Grand Han,3 King,2 Grand Princes,many tittles princes and one baron.Next record-all top ranking to born person of Earth.Record book and sad reality.

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