Stanisław Borowy

product designer and Lead Software Engineer in Rzeszow, Poland

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Product Designer and Lead Software Engineer with an experience working on large commercial and government projects using a variety of technologies and languages including Java, Scala, Clojure, Objective-C, PHP, Node.js and Vue.js.

Happy working on projects which require to extend knowledge, learn new APIs and programming languages. Willing to undertake new challenges and always taking responsibility for assigned tasks. Organizes work time well and can work effectively under the time pressure.

Currently working remotely from Poland for Bisnode AB and Revidy.

Looking for a position that provides an opportunity to learn new technologies and work in a remote agile environment.

In free time - interested in learning Python, Ruby, Go, React.js and mobile apps development (Swift and Kotlin).

  • Work
    • Bisnode AB and Revidy
  • Education
    • UITM Rzeszow (WSIiZ)