Stanley Joseph

Life Coach, Social Media Manager, and Consultant in Tanzania

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I am a life coach, consultant, and teacher currently living in Tanzania. My interests range from entrepreneurship to reading. I am also interested in cycling, fitness, and technology.

Just recently started Tir Koyoun Africa, with the intention to share small business education /knowledge to the majority of the underserved youth population. I have seen a lot of consultants charging thousands of dollars for such knowledge for the ones who can afford. My matra is simple - if we want to change the continent - we have to empower and lift the majority of the youth population. While agriculture is thoughts to be a “Jesus Christ” of the continent , I am a strong believer of education before doing and therefore without transforming these youth’s mentality , chances are they will not run agriculture as a business and hence higher chances of not succeeding. I would like to bridge that gap through mobile technology.

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