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Stanley Tollman's experience in the hospitality industry spans over a number of decades, beginning first when he left college at the age of 19 to help his parents manage their hotel and restaurant. Today, he is chairman of The Travel Corporation, a collection of 25 premiere hotels and travel companies. The companies under this umbrella include Brendan Vacations, Trafalgar Tours, African Travel, Contiki Holidays, and Creative Holidays; this collection of cruises, hotels, and tours works together to provide customers with a meaningful travel experience.

Johannesburg-born, Stanley Tollman left college to work in the family business. After helping his parents with their restaurant and hotel, he took the skills he learned to establish a large restaurant, hotel, and wine exports chain. Next, Stanley Tollman aspired to establish a world-renown restaurant in South Africa. His first restaurant, which he operated with his wife, was called The Nuggett. While he worked the front of the restaurant, his wife Bea prepared dishes in the kitchen.

Today, the Londoner pursues his passions of wine, art, and wildlife. He is particularly involved in South African wildlife preservation and restoring indigenous plant life. Stanley Tollman also supports the preservation of extinct animals, including the cape zebra, the cape leopard, and the Clan William yellow fish. Stanley Tollman is also involved in the protection of a collection of 10,000-year-old rock paintings at Bushman’s Kloof. South Africa and New Zealand are closely linked in the travel industry, especially through The Travel Corporation, and the donation was made in the spirit of solidarity.

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