Stanley Tomchin

Santa Barbara, California, United States

Stanley Tomchin is known as the world’s most successful professional games player who is now using his good fortune to support several philanthropic causes. Starting out as a chess, bridge and backgammon wiz, he used his talents and luck to make his way in the gaming industry, leading to worldwide fame and a successful career. Recognizing how lucky he was in doing what he loves, Tomchin is now dedicating his life to supporting charities and donating to good causes, helping those who are less fortunate.

Stan Tomchin was raised on Long Island, New York and not quite the usual student. He recognized his aptitude for game at only eight years old and was soon running a poker game in the basement of his parents’ house. From there he went on to becoming chess master at 13, followed by representing the United States in the bridge Olympiad. Backgammon, a game that he first discovered in a bridge club in New York, finally took him away from Long Island and brought him to places around the globe, from London to the Caribbean to the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, where he spent two weeks playing backgammon with Hugh Hefner. Stanley’s parents did not recognize their son’s fortunate talent until Prince Obolensky published an article about their Stanley Tomchin in his magazine World Backgammon News after Stan had won the St. Martin tournament, calling him a bridge wiz and “probably the best backgammon player in the world”.

Eventually, Stanley changed his career’s direction to sports betting, a move that triggered his relocation to Las Vegas, where he stayed at the Jockey Club. At that time he had reached the status of most potent professional games player in the world. But at some point Stan felt it was time to move on. The next stage of his life brought him to California, where he married and had a little girl. He gave up games and devoted time to his family and charity instead. Professionally, he switched to trading options, which, once again, turned out to be a very successful move.

Today, Stanley focuses his energy on helping others, a goal that his sister Joy Tomchin has modeled for him and he has been following for almost twenty years. His philanthropic efforts are geared toward local charities as well as larger organizations. One of the biggest success stories is a Fund which Stan set up to address the unmet needs of the Las Vegas community by serving as a catalyst to make a difference in the lives of others. The fu