Stanley Czachor

Stanley Czachor laid the foundations for his later career as a student of Humber College in Toronto, where he earned his certificate for Mechanical Design Technology. Later on, he further developed his professional skills while attending York University’s Schulich School of Business, where he studied both Business and Key Account Management. Stanley Czachor has served a number of energy-based companies, where he worked in auditing, sales, and management positions. His previous employers include Arch-Tech Systems, Direct Energy Marketing Limited’s Business Services division, Wintec EMC, and Sylvania Lighting Services (SLS).

Since he joined Osram Sylvania Ltd, a Canadian division of a global lighting products company, Mr. Czachor has established himself as a key contributor to the company’s financial expansion. In 2005, Stanley Czachor accepted the position of National Sales Manager within the Sylvania Lighting Services division. By controlling sales costs, retraining staff members, and incorporating effective departmental strategies, he successfully restructured the sales department. In addition, Mr. Czachor introduced SAP software as a sales reporting tool to assist customers. Due to his efforts, Osram Sylvania’s sales have risen 10 to 16 percent annually, representing an overall increase of 60 percent. A former energy auditor, Stanley Czachor designed processes that generated over $3.1 million dollars in energy-saving government incentives for customers. Due to his improvement of the company’s sales and profit margin, Mr. Czachor earned the Canadian Manager of the Year award in both 2007 and 2008.

Interested in social issues, Stanley Czachor co-founded Commit to Kids, a Canadian children's charity. He has also supported programs in Recife, Brazil, for displaced children who have suffered abuse and neglect. His hobbies include architectural and landscape design for both North and South American residential properties.